AX 2012 AIF

Hi All

I have a requirement of displaying the list of Customers in AX 2012 to .NetWeb Form.For this i have created a Outbound Port for CustcustomerService with File System Adapter.Now i am facing challenge in Generating the WSDL and URI which is required to setup in .Net.please help me out in cracking this.

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If you want to make a web service call (as it seems from your reference to WSDL and URI), you can’t use the file system adapter, because that works with files and not web services.

I would expect you to create an inbound port (because your web application will call the AX service to obtain data, therefore it’s communication into AX) using either net.tcp or HTTP adapter. Nevertheless I don’t know your specific requirements.

You can find more information in AX 2012 Documentation Resources for AIF and Services.

Hi Martin

We have to get the data from AX to .Net we are using outboundports using custcustomerservice.Please help me out in using outboundports in ax 2012.

Thank you

You can use an outbound port with the file system adapter to export data to a file and read the file by your .NET application, but it has nothing to do with WSDL. For the file system adapter, the target URI is a folder on a disk. You might want to see Walkthrough: Deploying the Document Service in an Outbound Exchange.

You should think about how you want to “get the data from AX to .Net”, because that can be done in many ways. Start with your requirements: whether the communication needs to be synchronous, how it will be triggered (an event in AX, an event in the .NET application, specific time…) and so on.