Ax 2009 Without Purchase Order posting, Packing Slip Preperation

Hi All,

How can we stop the Packing Slip Preparation without Purchase Order Posting.

Is there any parameter for the same ?

PO → GRN → Invoice (Without posting the previous document , user can not proceed)


Check the purch requirements on the ionventory model group

I wonder where this parameter is available in inventory model group. I’m aware that receiving requirements is available which controls doing invoice without posting packingslip.

Can anyone comment

correct…no such parameter is available…can somebody suggest…


I didnt see such option available in AX2009 but in AX2012 you have such kind of control available. Packing slip button will be disabled unti you confirm the PO.

So, if you dont get any reply. I suggest you to take a look at that and your developer can do it in minutes(If i’m not wrong).

In AX2009 this was purely business process controlled, in AX2012 it is system and business process controlled. If you want the restriction in AX2009 you need to customise the system to achieve this.