AX 2009 - Webservices


Can any body help me in creating a webservice in AX 2009. I have an average expertise in IIS and ASP.Net with C#

Following is my requirement.

  1. Create a Purchase Order in AX 2009.

  2. My plan for this: Consume the webservice of AX 2009 and execute the required action with the custom logic

  3. There are multiple companies created in my environment. How do we identify and communicate with these companies with parameters from a webmethod.

  4. How should I create an AIF Webservice and consume it in a custom webservices, step by step for an amateur.

Thanks in advance–May Day


VC Suresh Kumar

Use AIF document services. There already is a document service for purchase orders, but it doesn’t support the create operation (because purchase orders are normally created in AX and only consume by external systems). Look at the documentation for creating new services; it will help you with extending the existing one.

How to consume services is documented as well; please use a search engine to find what you need and ask only for things that are not clearly enough described in the documentation.