AX 2009 - Using Number Sequences


I have created a new table and form to accompany this new table. It contains only 2 fields, one is a part number the other is an associated number which I’d like to use a number sequence for. I’ve set up the number sequence but not sure how I can get my table/form to use it when I add a new entry to my table. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply, I have already setup the number sequence though, under Basic > Setup > Number Sequences. I just want to get access to that so that when I create a new item in my datasource on my form, the field in my datasource table uses the NumberSequence that I have setup.

Refer \Forms\InventTable\Methods\numberSeqFormHandler and how this method has been used in create, delete, write, close methods

That seem’s to use the InventParameters table, and not a number sequence setup in the form. How can I link the number sequence I have setup, not in code but in the Number Sequence form, with my new form / table datasource?