AX 2009 - Turn off PPV receipt GL entries on PO pack slip post


I am looking to stop creating the PPV receipt entries on PO pack slip post. I believe i have narrowed down where i need to make the change but i can’t seem to get it to work.

[s] \Classes\InventUpd_Physical\updatePhysicalReceipt

Has anyone ever done this or does anyone know how to do it?

From an accounting perspective you should not do this - this is part of the principle of standard costing - how would you expect your accounts to balance if you value stock at one point, pay liability at another and have a missing difference?

Why on earth do you want to do this?

you are preaching to the choir. However, all of our controllers want this change. i pushed for mods to ignore this rather than prevent tracking the variance but those fell on deaf ears. so i know this seems dumb, and it probably is dumb. but its what the controllers want so i will do it.

I modified purchFOrmLetter_packslip ( i think thats what its called ) to change the PO Line PurchPrice to standard before posting then switch it back to the original PO line purchPrice after the post. aside from the stupidity of the mod, anyone see any technical issues?

So you have a standard cost of $1000 dollars, and the invoice comes in for $1200. You pay the $1200, the inventory is posted at $1000 - can you ask your controllers where, in a standard costing system they want the other $200 to go? This approach would surely fail any audit task - get them to run the change past the auditors and see what they say.

We want to eliminate the tracking of PPV from pack slip posting only. When we invoice, the PPV also gets created and we can track against that. right now we are getting two PPVs; one from packslip post, one from invoice and our controllers only care about the invoice variance. with my change mentioned above, invoice PPV’s still get created but not from PO pack slips.

and we are a private company so we don’t have to adhere to SOX rules. Does my change above at face value sound like a reasonable technical solution?

Can’t this be done via set up with the inventory model group?

Un tick the post physical inventory box & leave post financial inventory box ticked


If you unselect the post physical you need to update the post packing slip in ledger field in the parameters as well. However I am guessing you want it to post the value to stock at the receipt, just not the PPV?

The GRNI figure would be shot and useless to you really as it is based on standard and not the actual receipt figures presumably form a trade agreement. All I can say is you need to test it and run it through VERY thoroughly. I am not a fan of supressing elements of a financial transaction whether you adhere to SOX or not, next you will be reversing tax after the invoice has been posted [:D] Your call, your responsibility.

Right. unchecking the box won’t work for us but it was a good idea. i was hoping for something simple like that.

the level of testing i am going to demand is going to be quite high. i don’t really like this mod. i want simulate 24 hours of operation with no errors ( we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week )

Why not set the posting groups up to negate the variances at receipt by posting them to the asset account rather than the varuance account?

Very good question. But i think i have reached an “solution” with our accountants so… it may not be the best but they want it so they will get it. im going to mark this thread as resolved. thanks for all the help.