AX 2009 Training.

Recently I been given the opportunity to work with AX 2009 for my company. However no one can find any suitable training anywhere in the UK, the only thing we can find is the online course catalogue at Microsoft. Does anyone know of anything that could help or anywhere doing training for AX 2009 ?

The best place that could offer this would be your partner 1:1 or try and find a small outfit that have the knowledge. All other companies have moved to AX2012 offering training in the belief users train in advance of live - in essence there is very little call for old version training. Other than that it is the manuals and the e-learning.

Hi Ben,

Which module you are targeting First. I suggest to complete first T & L module and then go for other module.

Also it will be best to go for one to one basis training. If interested please drop a mail to

Hi Ben,

I’m also a starter in ax 2009 all they provided me is a 4 set of development pdf’s for learning other than that its difficult to find a suitable training means.

Hi Naveen,

If you interested means , i can provide you the training through online.

Pls drop me a mail @

Attend the certification test training, or ask the experienced guy teach you. or I can send you some document.

for any training with job related information on microsoft dynamics, please do not hesitate to contact me at