AX 2009 Test variables per item

I am planning to use Quality Management in AX 2009 for our inspection of incoming goods, complaints en non-conformances. However, after some testing in AX I don’t know how to handle the following thing:

Assume that we have 10 different pencils. Each pencil has a different color.

I create the test ‘Coloe’ with test variable ‘Option’. Then I create a variable ‘Color’ with results 'Yellow, Red, Blue, Green etc…or Other.

You see, for some pencils, the color yellow must have the result ‘Pass’, but for some pencils, it is a Fail. Of course you can make results as ‘Color is good (Pass)’ or ‘Color is not good (Fail)’ but the employee who test the pencils doesn’t know when it is good or bad.

So, how can I assign different outcomes to different items? It is the same test group (‘Pencils’). Maybe I have to think one level higher or lower, but I don’t see it. Maybe someone can help me :slight_smile:

Is there somebody who can reply please?

Please? How do other companies do this?

Do you need to record the actual color in the event it is wrong?

i.e. the test outcomes could be either Correct or Wrong

If you want to record the colours, you could create a Test group for each color. On each test group the outcome for the correct colour could be pass, and the outcome for the incorrect colours could be fail.

But that would make me create a test group for every item I want to test. For example:

Item 1 Box of post-its without glue
Color: Yellow
Height: At least 10cm
Glued: No

Item 2 Box of post-its
Color: Red
Height: At least 9 cm
Glued: Yes

If I understand you properly, I need to create a test group for Item 1 where Yellow color is a Pass, Height >10cm is Pass, etc. And for Item 2 I need another test group wer Red would be pass etc.

But…if I want to test hundreds of items…I would have to make hundreds of test groups?

Hi Henk,

I think you have already worked out the answer. Tests can’t have different outcomes for different items.

What about the other approach I alluded to?

Make a test group for all items with the tests:
Color: Correct (Pass) or Wrong (Fail)
Height: Correct (Pass) or Short (Fail)

That would be a good idea, however, the quality employees don’t know where to test the items upon.

They have the AX Test form on their screens and they must test the items based on the information on screen.

If the Test form says: Color test (Correct/pass or Wrong/fail)…they don’t know what color it must be.

If every item has seperate test, I could display: Color: Yellow (pass/fail).

If I use your suggestions, I have to make seperate documents (on or offline documents) with the outcomes the item must satisfy.

You see my problem? :slight_smile:

I feel your pain!

Now I hope for a solution [:)]

Yes, you would have to make hundreds of test groups, but it would be just for the start up, after that you need to create a new one when a new item is created and the possible outcomes are different than the ones you already have. Once you have all of them created, you just use them when required automatically or manually.

Is a one time effort. Isn’t it?

I am testing now with some test groups (test group name = item id to make it easy). I have made a new test named ‘Color’. I also made some variables, like Yellow (result: correct(pass) / not correct(fail) and Red (Correct/Not Correct as result).

So far so good, it works.

But, s me things I noticed:

Assume the pencil example. 10 different colors of pencils.

Now I have 10 different test groups because the color of every pencil is different. But the length is the same, all 15cm. Assume that we replace these pencils by newer ones that have a length of 20cm.

If there was one test group, it was easy to change 15 to 20cm. But because we have 10 different test groups, we must change this 10 times…

We have a lot of items that share a lot of aspects (like size is always 15cm for every pencil) but just that one thing that is not the same (the color).

Also, 99% of the times you want Color: Yellow = Correct (Pass). But, sometimes it is possible that an item can have any color but Yellow, then it must be fail.

It would be more easy when you could set up AX with common test groups (‘Pencils’) with common tests (Length = 15cm (Pass)) AND item specific tests (yellow = pass, etc).

It is no problem to have one-time setup for hundreds of test groups. But it is a problem if we put a lot of effort in it, and it is still not what we want.

The good thing is that you are doing a lot of modeling to find the best way, that is going to lead you to the best posible solution I belive. I just want to share one advise for your Option type tests. When you apply them into the Test group, you need to select one of the posible results you created as a default value.

If you only created Pass/Fail results, one of those as a default value could be easily confused as the value that was captured by the analyst and you may leave a Pass when it really was a Fail, or viceversa. So my advise is for the Option test type, always créate a ‘Pending’ result (=fail) and use it as the default value, so you know for sure that the result was not entered yet.