Ax 2009 Tables updation notification to other third party system (.NET)

Hello All,

I have some Ax Tables in Axapta 2009 which upon updation should be notified to other third party system (.NET) within seconds. The Axapta users will work on Axapta and third party system should be able to see the changes without any delay. How can i achieve this in Axapta 2009.


You can use AIF or (IF volume of data is less and not required daily processing the data from/To then you can use Business connector to achieve the same.

If you can, create a WCF service (you can configure it to communicate via named pipes, TCP, HTTP…) hosted by the third-party application or some middle-tier service. When a record in AX is updated, simply invoke the WCF service. Nevertheless try to invoke it after the DB transaction, otherwise a slow response or a problem in the service call would impact on your database.