AX 2009: SSRS reports and data area Id param passing

We have a lot of “classic” SSRS reports that have been developed against AX where the data area ID could be selected by the user as a paramter on the report ( in a drop down ). However, we need to change out security model so the only data area ID the report can be run against is the current company the user executing the report is in. I have been struggling to find a way to get this to work.

I could use the parameter property on the menu item but i don’t know if you can use getCurExt() to get the current company account. these reports don’t have any “business logic” so the data area has to be passed to them. any ideas?

I believe its curExt(), not getCurExt() just as an FYI. but I read this and had an idea that if you made a class and a menu item that called that class with the paramater of the real menu item (the real menu item should also exist) you want to call, the class you call could add in the parameter for data area dynamically to the real menu item parameter attribute then launch the report. The only gotcha’s i found are url params are case sensitive and so are the parameter values. i will post a blog article about this and post a link once its up.