AX 2009 Shop Floor Control - Setup a Table to Maintain Error Cause by Operation


My company is using shop floor control module to record all the employees’ man hours & machine process time. Besides that, they also keep track of the yield of the item & the cause of making the yield loss. In order to cater the yield loss reason, standard AX 2009 feature only has 3 selections for keying the error cause (1. Material, 2. Operator, & 3. Machine).

3 selection for the error cause is too limited. The easiest way to add in more error cause is to add the enum. By doing this, all the companies are sharing the same application data will have the same error cause. Different companies might not use the same error cause because the business nature is not the same.

Therefore, we would like to setup a table in order to maintain the error cause by operation itself.

Is anyone develop this customization? Mind to share?