AX 2009 Sending Request for Quote form in the form clicked ok button facing error

Hi All,

I am working in AX 2009. when i am trying to send the quotations to vendors, it will open the Sending Request for Quote form in the form i clicked ok button, facing the fillowing error.

I checked the classes and tables there is no errors.

Stack trace: The method has been called with an invalid number of parameters.

(S)\Data Dictionary\Maps\SalesPurchLine\Methods\calcLineDiscExclTax
(S)\Data Dictionary\Tables\PurchRFQLine\Methods\calcLineDiscExclTax - line 3
(S)\Classes\PurchRFQTotals_ParmTrans\lineDiscAmount - line 6
(S)\Classes\TradeTotals\calc - line 178
(S)\Classes\PurchRFQFormLetter\createJournal - line 13
(S)\Classes\PurchRFQFormLetter\run - line 90
(S)\Classes\PurchRFQFormLetter\mainOnServer - line 53

Can any one help me on this.

Your help highly Appriciated here.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi All,

Thanks for your support for this.

I have find the solution for the above error, now my problem is solved.

Thanks for every one.