AX 2009 sending mail Error


Method ‘send’ in COM object of class ‘CDO.Message’ returned error code 0x8004020F () which means: .

m using the SysMailer.sendmail() for sending mails from server. But i got the above error.

Ple anybody help me .

This is happening because your SmtpMail.SmtpServer is rejecting addresses.

  • Make sure all email addresses specified at MailMessage.To, MailMessage.Cc, MailMessage.Bcc and MailMessage.From are valid email addresses.
  • Make sure you have permissions to relay through the server.
  • Make sure the MailMessage.From has permissions to relay through the server.


code 0x8004020F means The server rejected one or more recipient addresses.

It depends on E-mail parameters in AX. If you want to send an email to an external recipient, user name from E-mail parameters form must be the same as sender. It doesn’t matter who is sender if recipient is internal.