AX 2009 - Routers On Phantoms & Finished Goods

We make product that in some instances needs to be sterilized at an outside facility and in others they don’t. We have a router on the phantom and would like to add sterilization as a cost group to break out on the costing sheet. However, the phantom can go into multiple case packs (i.e. - 2 phantoms per case, 10 phantoms per case, etc.) and the finished product has a sterilization rate for an individual case. And, again, the phantom doesn’t always go into a sterile finished good. I have thought that a one line router on the finished good for sterilization would work, but we have consultants that say it will cause problems (I don’t know what those problems are). The one line would probably also have to be automatic with no human intervention to say it was completed. As an added bonus, we are using Dynaway Blue as our front end production module.

Has anyone tried anything like this and have been successful? If so, can you help me understand what needs to be done so I can carry on a meaningful conversation with the consultants?

Thanks much.

Get them to explain the problems. Adding it to the parent driving the decision and the phantom that does not gives you your control - where does it let you down - that is the key question here.