Ax 2009 reports & email

Dynamics Ax 2009

Following activities I have to perform automatically without any human intervention

  1. Run report (especially Sales Report)
  2. Save output to .XLS file
  3. email to sales person
    Can anybody help me how to achieve this???


Make a SSRS report and subsribe to salesman mail address in excel or pdf format.

Thanks dear for your prompt reply but sorry to say i am new to Ax 2009 (I spent 15 years with SAP and Baan technologies) can you please explain me what is SSRS Report? I only know reports in AOT


You can achieve above by using could find details

since Ax report can be easily batchprocessed.(batch tab while running the report)



SSRS, plenty of materials are available through internet…

goto youtube there is one series of videos (43 videos) explaining SSRS… (Dynamics AX 2009 and SSRS part 1…43)

SSRS is a good concept to know…and its a future of reports…

there is lot of key points in SSRS… i cant explain it all here thats why i wanted you to watch those vides

I agree with Dy. Dev. I am also facing same problem… The purpose of doing this when sales persons are away from the office and they can get their sales report automatically without requesting any one.

Where by I also like to automate the entire process of automatically generating report, automatically saving it as file and automatically send to a intended recipients… As suggested by other friends to use SSRS is not going to use I want solution withing AOT.


Reshma Desai.