AX 2009 Report

Hi Friends,

i am using AX2009 , and creating a report. In fetch method i have written code to get the table as :

while (


_inventSum= qr.get(tablenum(inventSum));

///doing some thing


when i put add watch to _inventSum , i can see value for every field but , can’t see value in field inventbatchid .

can you suggest me what would be the reason, for reference , this report is duplicate of InventDimPosted report.


in the table field (inventbatchid ) property

Visible --No

may be a reason why it’s not displaying

set Visible — yes and then try

Hi Manish,

InventSum table don’t have the filed InventBatchId directly based on InvendimId you can get the InventBatchId value from InventDim table…

Can you check weather you are able to see the InventdimId value or not.

Note: are you using any group by conditions in query.



Hi Sandeep,

tnx for response,

I can’t see the InventDimId value also and there is no condition on group in query,