AX 2009 Query For SSRS Report

Hi All

I am trying to create a query for an SSRS report I am creating in Visual Studio…

I have created my query, but I have a very annoying bug on a datasource. I am trying to create a relation between 2 CustTable datasources, as I want to display the Account information, and the Invoice information as well…

So the relation that I should have is CustTable_1.InvoiceAccount= CustTable_1_1.AccountNum.

In our system, we create a new customer account for a customer which has a different invoice account basically, so the invoice account can either == or != the account num.

The bug is that when I save and compile this query, all is okay, when I close AX and re-open the relations changed back to AccountNum = AccountNum [:’(]

To resolve this issue, set the Relationship property on the second datasource to “No” then manually add the relation.