AX 2009 Production

Dear All,

While doing the Production Reset to Created Stage, the systems throws the error as " Quantity ordered may not be reduced because there are not enough inventory transaction with “on order” Status.

Please help me to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance.

To reset the status to “created”, you must have the invent trans of all the BOM lines as “On order”. Check whether any of the invent trans of BOM lines are “picked”. if so, unpick them then the status can be reset to “created”

Look at the inventory transaction of the item being produced and tell us the current status.

Dear Mr. Santosh,

Thanks for your reply,

We have checked in invent trans table, the status is showing as on order for the qty and one more deducted status also is there for same qty for the production order.

Dear Mr. Adam Roue,

Thanks for reply

In Production Order the Status is showing as Started and Remain Status is Material Consumption.

Thanks in Advance

It is the deducted status that is causing you your issue, you need to understand why this is at this status and to reset it to open to reset the order.

Dear Adam,

The user has posted the picking list wrongly, after posting the picking list, user came to know that, the picking list posted wrongly i.e they have selected consumed item.

for that reason they want to reset the production order to created status.

Please help.

Do a reversal of the picking list.

In fairness the reset status should reverse it as stadnard, and without looking at it it is difficult to see. Make sure, as an example, you have no open journals prior to reset. You said you had on order AND deducted.

Dear Adam,

when i am seeing in BOM Button in Production order form, in quantity tab it is showing as remaining quantity is showing as ordered qty and started qty also is there. what could be the reason,

Please help to resolve.

Look at the transactions related - any modifications in this area? It looks like it has not reset probably so you probably need to get a developer involved.