AX 2009 production order

hey guys,

i have some inquiry regarding changing the quantity on the production order. I already did the job scheduling showing the start and end times. will ax automatically calculate and or schedule if I change the production order qty? I did some simulation but whenever i change the qty, it will go back to the job scheduling screen. What i would want is to automatically adjust the start and end times if in case the qty was changed.

It will not happen automatically, if the qty is changed and is saved, then it will prompt you with a dialog whether you want to run the scheduling according to the changed qty, if yes it will take you to the scheduling form where you can re-schedule the production according to the changes or else you need to manually perform the re-schedule.

Thanks kranthi.

Meaning to say all the production orders that were job scheduled on a certain day will have to be manually job scheduled all over again. I think that will be the tideous part whenever there’s a change on the order quantity.

You can run them all in batch, but it depends upon the identification. Reschedule all that are released for example, but again depends upon volume.