AX 2009 Physical Inventory by Dimension report

We are having an issue with the system not closing out inventory lines. We are on AX 2009 and have serialized items that use weighted average for the model group. For example, when we run the close in one of the companies, the phyiscal inventory by dimensions report shows that there are 593 units on-hand in stock which is correct, but it also shows 4000+ serials that are not physically in stock, the financial quantity = 0, but there is an amount left over so the line does not close. We run the 2 reports prior to the close and run the recalc after, we run the total specification, at 100 maximum throughputs and a minumum throughput adjustment of 1 but these records remain on the report which indicated to me that these lines are not closing properly. What process or step are we no doing as these reports jsut keep growing?


Melissa Ingram