AX 2009 Number Sequence Cleanup Issue


We are having problems with the number sequence cleanup in AX 2009. We have the Sales Order Invoice Voucher set as continuous and we are receiving the error : “Voucher SIV###### is already used as at date dd/mm/yy” when trying to invoice the sales orders on batch. The last successful run of the invoice batch job finished 2 minutes after the Complete cleanup started. Previously when this happened we just deleted the record from the list table and the problem was sorted, however this seems to be happening more and more now. If the clean up task and the invoice batch job clash could this cause a record that is already used to appear in the List table? Or is there a bug within the Clean up task of which I can’t see any history and doesn’t seem to run on a batch. Would it be best to run the cleanup on a batch job at night instead of the clean up task option within the number sequence?

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.



Hi Steve,

A job clash or maybe a customization can cause this behavior. Records are inserted in the list when or the number is drawn and marked to make a descision later or when an existing record with a number is deleted. Usually within customizations it is forgotten to mark the number as used, so the record will be not deleted. If is it set to used, the record will disappear. Also a clash can cause that it did not reach the point where the number was marked as used.

The cleanup task looks for numbers which are not free. If the original session where the number was created does not exists anymore, then this number will be set to free and can cause the duplicate error.

So you have to see where it fails. In the meantime deleting the numbers from the list is the workaround.