[Ax 2009] New code in RunBase Class is auto-refreshed?

Hi everyone,

if i do edits on methods of a RunBaseBatch class which is currently scheduled in my production enviroment,

do I have to do some special action to make it run with the new source code or is this automatic in the next run of the class already scheduled?

Thank you in advance!

Not necessarily in AX 2009, you need to update the IL in AX 2012.

You shouldn’t change code at runtime, it may lead to unpredictable behavior, especially if don’t recompile everything or you have a clustered AOS.

In addition to compilation, you have to be careful when changing the list of variables used in pack()/unpack(). You should change the current version and decide how your class should handle older versions of parameters (e.g. you saved data to batch by an older version and will read them by the new of your class).

I see the point here,

but the batch is scheduled to run overnight and the changes involve just some reading of data.

It should be fine to do such minor changes being sure nothing important program-wise is involved.