AX 2009 Multi site - Choosing correct BOM WHS

When using multiple site set-up in AX. We use 3 main production facilities. Producing item 1, item 2
Subsequent items are then used in next production processes converting item 1, item2 à item 1a, item 2a. This is done in 4 alternate locations
Item1a, item 2a have a BOM attached to it. BOM states that it can be used in WHS pertaining to locations EUR1/EUR2/IND.

The BOM is used by many sites, each site containing different WHS, BOM line cannot designate correct WHS.
If we add more BOM same composition different WHS, how does AX know which specific site to generate Production Orders?
Can it be done through correct routing? E.g. “work order consumption”
Does this routing need to have sub-routes in both item1 and item 1a? How will the system then designate different sites correctly?

Where is the demand?

You ask how AX knows the site to generate Production Orders, it is though the demand being placed on the site and this driving down the requirements. The work order consumption can back fill warehouses and locations so you can have a common BOM across multiple sites and the production unit defines the warehouse used (this has all changed in AX2012 so you would need to check it). However it is the routing that is then driving where the items are consumed from in relation to production units. Seem to remember teething issues with this in AX2009 however…

Hey Adam,

thanks for the reply. I read your posts often and just want to say big thanks to your extensive expertise!

Indeed the production unit defines from which WHS to pick, this is normally stated in BOM/Formulas. Now if Production unit 1 and 2 produce the same item (Primary BOM), of which the demand is generated in production units 3/4 (Secondary BOM, all different sites) is the only way we can have production unit 3 generate a demand (constant) in production unit ;, and PU 4 in PU 2 trough routing?

Can this also be altered by not having coverage set-up between e.g. PU3 and PU 2 so the demand requirements that are generated in PU3 solely are producing PO’s/TNR’s in PU1.

Hi Greg

I am probably missing something in your requirements, but in essence you can make it in site 1 (PU1?) but the PU defines the consumption where it is used, you cannot (rusty memory here for AX2009) make this a dynamic relationship, it comes from where you are making it and then picks as per the PU setup

I guess you want to make the primary item and get the sub-BOMs generated at different sites - the only way you can do this is if you build in the transfer logic between the sites, and even then it is a 1:1 push through.

I am guessing you want more flexibility in the way it chooses, which I do not believe is there.

Thank for your response, sadly we will indeed have to make due with what we have .