AX 2009 message sending

Hi all,

As far as I know AX 2009 doesn’t have a built-in instant message sending functionality (like AX 3.0 had). I know that there is a framework (at least some classes) for sending messages (so one can develop his/her message sending functionality) but my main question is why it hasn’t been originally developed a built-in instant message sending functionality in AX 2009. As far as a know AX 4.0 hasn’t got as well.

AX 3.0 has a functionality for that but it was not perfect because it works only between users that are on the same AOS.

One can develop his/her own system in AX 2009 for instant message sending but I think that there sould be some reason why it has not been originally developed by Microsoft.

Any idea?



Hi Gergo,

Very good question - I suspect the built-in messages were purposefully removed due to introduction of unified communication framework (Office communication server / Office communicator).


Hi Harish,

Yes, it would be a good reason why message sending functionality has been removed. Thanks for your reply.



Hi Everyone,

I think the reason is this:

in AX3, the clients have been allways connected to the AOS, also it was no problem to send msg to the client.

Since AX4, the client has no permanent connection. The Client is polling the server for news.

Over the Class Info–> executeUserOptions() you could set up an watchdog to send msg to all clients.