AX 2009 Import and Export the Data

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I have added the all Item, PO, SO and Invoice on AX 2009 in my machine and I need to transfer into the another Ax 2009 Machine only the data.

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You can go to Administrator>Periodic Import export data wizard. Export the data it will create dat and def files. Then go to same place import the data. select the Dat file there and done

for exporting data you need to create defenition group which are available at same place give some name and save and select it while exporting the data



Please search this forum before posting queries [:)]. Export / import has been discussed many times in detail.

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Thanks for giving suggestion.Even the queries is already posted, some people write the same query ,because they think for any new ideas and their intension requesting u plz don’t descrise.sorry i say any wrong.

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Then ask the question in a manner showing this by saying you do not want to use the standard definition groups because of “x” and you are not a developer so is there an alternative blah blah blah.

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Thanks for your reply…Its fine.