Ax - 2009, Go-Live Check List

Good Day Team,

Can Someone Please let me Know the steps to Prepare before going Live,

How the Item Master is Migrated from Legacy System, i have done few things, please correct if things are not done properly,

for Item Master

  1. entered the Item Master Manually in the System

  2. done Costing and Pricing through Movement Journal,

  3. done Physical Stock Counting.

  4. and then done counting Journal for Differences.

Employee Master

for Employees, Imported the Master

Customer and Vendor Master

Customer and Vendor Master Imported with Primary Address, but the other address are to be imported but dont know How ?

Thanking You,

Oh i need all this so badly. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO CAN HELP?

Each project is different, going through the actual project defines what is required, the basics however are the same because they are required for any system

Customer Addresses
Customer Opening Balances
Business Relations
Business Relation Addresses
Contact Records
Contact Record Addresses
Open Sales Orders
Open Quotes
Vendor Addresses
Vendor Opening Balances
Open Purhcase Orders
Goods Received not Invoiced Position
Item Opening Balances
General Ledger
General Ledger Opening Balances
Fixed Assets
Fixed Asset Opening Balances
Bank Opening Balances
Opening Works Orders
Opening Project Position

Plus all subsidiary data to enable the successful creation of the data.

Each project is different, but you should have had strategy and workshop meetings to identify the areas and assign responsibility.

Then you have all of the check list dates and dependencies along with other elements that are not data related but are required.
Management Reports
Output Documentations
Stock Counts (for opening stock balance)
etc. etc. etc.

You need to assess each project and plan appropriately.

subsidiary data? What would that be, can you give me an example?

thanks :slight_smile:

Anything that supports the master record, so for customers this could include:

Customer Groups
Customer Classification Groups
Delivery Terms
Delivery Reasons
Mode of Delivery
Destination Code
VAT Groups
VAT Numbers
Bank Accounts
etc. etc. etc.