AX 2009 Financials - German features?


Some questions regarding AX features for Germany. Hopefully someone can shed som light on these…

1) Import of BLZ numbers from Deutsche Bundesbank. As I see it, this can be done by importing the BLZ numbers to the bank group table. Then it’s possible to update the BLZ (clearing no, sort code) on the vendor bank accounts. Is this how it’s normally solved for the german customers using AX? Is there another solution?

2) Direct Debit payments (customer). Is the format DTAUS to be used for this? Are there any known issues? Meaning, will it need customization?

3) Import of bank statements (MT940). The customer wants to import the bank statement and have the bridge postings (customer payments and vendor payments) cleared with the acc. statement. I don’t see this can be supported in AX. Is there a German partner solution available?

Kind regards,

Joakim Persson, SWE