AX 2009 - Delete Planned Production order

Hi All,

If I have BOM “01” like this

01 (BOM) Level 0

  • A01 (BOM) Level 1

  • AA01 (BOM) Level 2

  • AAA01 (BOM) Level 3

  • AAAA01 (Item) Level 4

After I run the Master scheduling, AX generates 4 Planned Production order of 01, A01, AA01, AAA01 and 1 Planned Purchase order.

Then I delete Planned production order of AA01, the planned production order of AAA01 and planned purchase order of AAAA01 have gone after deleting AA01.

Is there anyway if I just want to delete AA01 but keep AAA01 and AAAA01?

Thank you

Well if you delete AA01 then you are over-riding the plan, and AA01 is pegged to AAA01 and AAAA01 probably due to your setup of the BOM line and the relationships. This means you have deleted the demand, there is no demand and no need to make the lower levels so AX correctly deletes them. Why would you want to make and buy product that you have conciously told it you no longer need? [:D]

Thank you Adamroue,

The AA01 is about subcontract production so no need to produce. Do I have to set BOM line type of AA01 as “Vendor”? or Is there anyway else I can do?

Thank you so much

Yes I would suggest you investigate the sub-contracting setups and configuration to handle this, then you will have upstream demand to plan the downstream requirements you need.