AX 2009 data upgrade to AX 2012: Run single-user mode batch is executing but jobs are waiting


I am upgrading an AX 2009 environment to AX 2012. At the point ‘Preprocess data in single user’ I want to run the sripts. Also on AX 2012 site I started the batch via the ‘Data upgrade cockpit’ for the bulk copy of data.

Well, the batches in both systems are of status ‘executing’, however nothing happens. It seems that both systems wait for something to start the scripts. What would that be?

I did not amend the settings concerning batch threads, nore did I change the tasks priority. All is standard.

Anyone has an idea on what would trigger the start of the bulk copy scripts?

Were you able to figure this out? I too am doing an AX2009 > AX2012 upgrade and the bulk copy jobs in the AX2012 Data upgrade cockpit are just sitting at waiting. I can’t get them to start.