ax 2009 customization

I have a requirement with small customization:
Go to > Account receivable > sales orders details form >
In the sales order header I need one filed (Manual entry) , what I am entering in the field that should reflect in the Open transition edit order form

Open transition Form Path: Account receivable >select one sales order which is invoiced >
Right click on Invoice account field >go main table it will open “customer table “
In the customer table form > go to > Function tab > Rc > Open transaction edit
Then it will open “open transaction edit “form

I need one filed that we created in the Sales header form

Can you explain the business requirement that you’re trying to implement by this customization?

What is the purpose of that field? Only for View? Or you should be able to filter the transactions?

thanks for reply … just customer want see the filed in open transaction edit what ever we enter in the sales order form… Just view purpose

Why? What business problem would be solved by this?

Thanks for the reply …

Just End user want the see the filed in the Open transaction edit form what ever we enter in the sales order based on Invoiced Number or Sales order for Settlement

If that’s all what you know, you are in no position to write any code. It needs to go back to requirement gathering and when you understand what the user’s trying to achieve, you can prepare functional and technical solutions of the problem (instead of just letting users to design implementation details). The solution may require some code, but it’s not known in this moment.

Hi Martin ,

I will show the same thing in the Account Payable ;

Path : 01/Accounts payable/Accounts payable Area > create Purchase order

then proceed with packigslip

after packing slip then proceed with invoice . while invoice we will give one Invoice number .that will show open transaction edit form in the invoice field

same thing i want in the sales order

The invoice id(key to settlements) goes to the VendTrans table, so it is shown in the form.

thanks for your replay…

I want know how to achieve same thing in Account Receivable …i mentioned early post i need one field in the sales order form

Name : Manual entry and i need same field in the open trans edit form .

whenever i will enter the data in the sales order form that data should be refelt in the open trans edit form …just for viewing purpose …please help me on this

As already said, it needs some dev effort.