AX 2009 Customer Exchange Adjustment report showing wrong balance

Hi All,

I refer to AR → Periodic → Exchange adjustment

The issue is that the Customer exchange adjustment report generated after running the exchange adjustment totally incorrect ‘Balance as at’ figures for certain customers.

Analyzed one of the Customers as follows

  • Listed the customers open transactions

  • Ran a simulation of the exchange adjustment . Correct balance appeared

  • Identified the exchange amounts that will be posted to the Forex Unrealized Loss A/C and Trade Receivables

  • Ran the Customer Adjustment.

  • Compared the Customer exchange report’s balance of the customer with the customers aging report and Customer outstanding balance.

  • Thee customer I checked for had only ONE open transaction ( As per Customer details → Balance → Open transactions) , but it was nothing was displayed for the customers transactions in Exchange adjustment when the ‘Show Open only’ checkbox was selected.

Note: The ledger postings were correct after this exercise ( Good!)

Since we cannot reprint the customer exchange adjustment report , is there any other way to access it ? ( Table ?)

Also I did not run the Batch job for Customer adjustments. Will running this adjust the already settled transactions or just the open transactions ?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Good day,

Is there anyway to reprint the Customer Exchange adjustment report after running the Exchange Adjustment ?

Seems quite baffling that the Simulation report ( run before adjustment ) and the Actual exchange report ( run after adjustment) are different, the simulation report being correct.

Also please direct me to the Customer Exchange adjustment report in AOT.

Much appreciated!

  • Adrian.V

Hi ,

Went through the data source of the report. It is picking records from CustTrans and LedgerTrans. LedgerTrans seem to be correct.

It is from CustTrans that the incorrect values for Amount Currency and Amount MST is coming and strangely that is from this statement,

Strangely the following query ( from data source of CustTran) is what seems to output the incorrect Amount Currency and MST

Select CurrencyCode,Accountnum,Sum(AmountCur),SUM(AmountMST) fromCustTrans

Group By CustTrans.CurrencyCode ASC,CustTrans.AccountNum ASC

where CustTrans.AccountNum ==

Will dig around some more and see.


Found the root cause. The report is not wrong after all!

The Exchange report shows the summation of all the customer’s transactions in the customers currency only. This excludes any settlements made for an invoice with a different currency. For Eg :- if an invoice was issued in CNY but settled in USD , then that particular invoice amount will be taken up in the summation for CNY currency in the report. The report sums of these transactions plus the open amount.

Trust this will assist if you all have a similar issue with this report in future.