AX 2009 Create Sales Order - Edit Default Requested Ship Date

Can someone give me the path to edit the default requested ship data that shows up when you create an order.

The table and field is below but I can’t seem to figure out how to edit this. I am a beginner of course. I think I can figure it

out if I can just find out where it is.


It is in the prompt screen when you create an order, it is then on the header and each line. It is driven by ATP, sales lead time or manual entry. Just go into the order and edit the field, or am I misunderstanding the question?

When you create a new sales order it has a default date in this field. I want to actually change the programming so a different default date shows up when you create a new sales order. I realize you can still edit this date field I just want something other than the current date to show up by default.


What I understood from your question you want to override the code-

that is used for assigning default value to the requestedshipdate

If it is your question see SalesTableType Class - initvalue method…

It does not set the current date depending upon what you have set in the system. You can have a set sales lead time per customer and it will set this.

The same logic has been used in the SalesTableType Class

I am just trying to get the OP to understand the basics of the system rather than going ahead and developing it [:D]

I am not denying it…

I am just trying to understand his requirement and trying to help him…

I think we were both doing it - me from an initial perspective and you actually answering the question [:D]

Both answer were very helpful thank you. I would like to return a blank value for this filed what would be the simplest way to do this? Instead of the method reading

salesTable.ShippingDateRequested = systemDateGet(); could I return something like salesTable.ShippingDateRequested = null();.


if you want to assign system date

salesTable.ShippingDateRequested == systemdateget();

if you want the null value

salesTable.ShippingDateRequested == datenull()

To set null value to date, use datenull() method. It is part of Global class.

That was just what I needed thank you all for your help.