AX 2009 client is not starting ....

hi experts,

AX 2009 Client machine is not starting in one of my colleague’s machine.i tried in many ways like, restarting AOS ,creating and exporting the config file, changing the password in User Account and re-importing the Config file also. i checked all the credentials, AOS name, instance name and port number also all are correct but AX 2009 client is not starting and showing the error "Application Object Server Could not Start "and it is not showing any error in Event Viewer also.

but the same AOS is working in rest of all machines but not only one machine…

please help me to resole this issue…

hi any ideas to resolve this.

any suggestion would be highly appreciable …

on domain, user pwd and in local machine should be same check it out. Make them same, may be it will work.

ya i checked that also,both are same. still its not working…

is there any other reasons…?

R u given server name or IP?

Instead of Server name in configuration give IP address of server.

thankyou for reply,

i have given AOS name, instance name and TCPIP port number of AOS server in the client configuration.

Try IP of the Server MAchine instead of the Server Name in the configuration.

It may work in some possibilities

there should be some network issue, check the client do u able to ping the server from client.

try this restart DNSCLIENT service in client machine .

hi vinoth,

i tried but it showing the same error only.

“Application Object Server Unavailable. Check your configuration and network connection and try again”

any other ways to ty?

Reinstall the client on the machine.


hi pranav thankyou for replying.

after did the reinstallation only i did all above steps…

i will try it again and let you know…

Check client machine time[O] and server machine time[O] are same

Hi Ven,

Sorry - I see many contradictions in your post.

First you mentioned AX 2009 client is not starting.

Later you mentioned AOS is not starting.

What exactly are you trying to do?

hi harish,

sorry accidentally i posted “AOS is not starting” but the issue is Client is not starting in one of my colleague’s machine. but in the rest of machines that same client is working fine of that particuler AOS.

i tried in many ways as i described in above posts. still the client is not starting in that machine only but AOS is fine. after that i tried by changing the user credentials also in Control pannel → User Accounts —>Mange Creentials.still the issue is same…

please suggest me a way to get out of this…