AX 2009 : Batch Job taking very long time to finish....?

Hi There,

I am running a batch job in AX 2009 some days which is taking very long time to finish than normal.

Example :

Day 1 for 1000 records → 100 Mins

Day 2 for 2000 Records → 200 Mins

Day 3 for just 100 Records → 300 Mins.

I verified that there is no data issue(processing on same kind of data) and code issue, wondering why its taking that much time to finish…

Please share you Ideas…

Thanks In Advance…!

You really have to find out how it spends all the time. For example, it may wait for some locked resource in database, run some inefficient code that’s not executed in other cases, compete for resources with some other process and so on.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply actually the issue is related to Batch Server which is using 5 AOS servers. So I have created a batch server with a single AOS server and I assigned this new batch server to my Batch job and its working fine now.