AX 2009 - AOS Batch Printing Issue


Im quite new to Dynamics AX and we use AX-2009 in Virtual PC for Development.

I’m trying to do Sales order- Invoice as Batch processing. My objective is
to print the Sales Order > Invoice as Batch process in terms of EMail / File
/ Printer

I use my local Virtual PC machine as both AX Client and AOS Batch Server.

To print batch, I setup following things.

  1. I set “Server Configuration”, “Batch Groups” under Administration > Setup

  2. And as per help, I set “Connect to printers on this server” properties
    both in Dynamics AX 2009 client and server configuration utility.

Whenever the batch process runs, I got the following errors on different

  1. When configured the printer for Email, the InfoLog shows the below

Error: Method ‘send’ in COM object of class ‘CDO.Message’ returned error code 0x80040211 () which means: .

  1. When configured the printer for File, the InfoLog shows the below error

Error: “Target file must be in UNC format.”

  1. When configured the printer to my local Printer got the error saying

Error: “Selected printer is not an AOS printer”

Am I missing something?

Could someone please assist me in this regard?

Thanks in advance


  1. there is a problem with communication with your email server.

  2. is your path to a file accessible from batchserver/aos?

  3. is your printer accessible rom batchserver/aos?

is your batchserver thin or fat client?

have you tried printing to a PrintArchive ?


I’m trying to schedule a report via batch server to email the output, but it stuck in “Executing”. When I run the report manually with email option, it pops up a “Allow, Deny” window that I have to click Allow button to get the email sent. I have 2 questions here:

  1. When a report is run in Batch server, the RunOn property needs to be Client or Server?

  2. Has anyone successfully email the report from AX 2009 batch server? Does it require some code modification?

Thanks in advance for your help!


By default Ax 2009 batch engine allows only server batches.

But you can configure the engine so that it can run client batches too. Please click here for more info .

If you want to debug your batch job, please click here


Have you found your solution yet? I am running into the same problems…