AX 2009 - AIF - document schema


I would like to set fields in schema for inbound documents in AIF. I disabled default policy. On fields list for CustService, there are few fields which I can’t sets. Example custGroup, TaxGroup and so on. Some of this fields are mandatory in table but not all. Those fields have minOccur to 1. When can I set this properties?

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AxdBase class (the base class of AIF documents) has methods setTableFieldAsMandatory() and setParmMethodAsMandatory() that documents can call to set additional properties as mandatory. (I’m looking to AX 2012 but I think it’s the same in AX 2009).

If it’s the case, you can simply removed calls to these methods from the document class. Just be careful, because there likely is a reason why they’ve been set as mandatory.