AX 2009 /2012 Project Module

Hi All ,

Does AX Project modules supports Company internal projects ( like Constructing buildings ,…) or customer projects ?

Could you bit explain about the AX project module ?

Yes. Project accounting module supports that.

There are two line of business process. One is external and the other is internal.

External project can be seen as revenue generating. You can use Fixed Price project type or Time and Material project type as per requirement.

Internal projects are basically expenses or it can be research etc. For this you have Internal, Cost, Time Project which are not revenue generating.


Few companies have the internal projects like constructing the new buildings or factories , in these cases what ever the material they purchase , they would treat as CWIP , after completing the work , they will transfer from CWIP to Assest.

Does AX 2009 / 2012 support the above functionality ?

Ameen I suggest you start reading the Project manuals, all you will do otherwise is continually ask questions answered by undertaking the first step of learning the functionality.

Thanks Adam ,

I am new to AX and about to start the reading the manuals , if i know the answer to my requirement ( as i asked above) whether is it available or not in the standard product 2009 / 12 ? then it would be easy to focus on the manuals .

If you observe i am not asking the anwers for a detail explanation .

Just i am asking answer like Yes or No ?

Then the answer is yes to your question until you reach the level of detail where it is no [:D]

Where can i find the project management module online?

Project management and Accounting - here is a technet article.