Ax 2.5

Is it possible to use SQL Server 2005 as database server in Ax 2.5?

I need the documentation for the system requirements

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I doubt whether SQL Server 2005 can be used with DAX 2.5. Mainly because DAX 2.5 precedes SQL Server 2005 long time back and using this may create kernel discrepancies.

Just curious - is there any reason why you are looking to use DAX 2.5?

I had a problem, database has reached maximum size.To avoid this what shall I do ?

I’m using Ax 2.5 with Sql server 2000

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I guess you refer to the SQL database size. SQL Server 2000 has the ability to scale up to tens of thousands of TB. I doubt whether your Axapta 2.5 database would have grown to such a size. If possible, can you purchase additional storage disks to increase the storage capacity?

BTW you may try running Axapta 2.5 with SQL Server 2005. For this to work, you have to enable SQL Server 2000 compatibility on Axapta database. Here is how -

Obviously even if you upgrade SQL 2000 to SQL 2005, you will have the same fundamental storage issue.

Hi Mohan

Thanks for your timely reply.

But i found the database size can’t exceed 32 TB in microsoft site.


a) The size you mentioned is the actual File size (i.e. 32 TB)

b) And as it is mentioned in the link you posted, a database can have maximum 32,767 files.

Therefore maximum size of a database is 1,048,516 TB. This is derived by multiplying the formula a x b (mentioned above).

If the concept of SQL Server files is not clear, you may want to work with a qualified SQL DBA.