AX 09 Using Purchase Orders/Item Requirement with Projects Module

We are a project based company. We converted from Axapta 3.0 to AX 09 in June this year.

Prior to the conversion, we had no problem intiating PO’s from Item Requirements in the Projects module. We were then able to track the association of PO’s with project numbers. When the goods arrived, we were able to receive them into our inventory and process vendor invoices with no problem. Items were shipped to a project via a packing slip and that’s when the cost hit the project.

Since the conversion to AX 09, we have had numerous problems with receiving and posting invoices due to “reservations” and “marking”. Also the cost seems to hit the project sometimes when the goods arrive at our warehouse and sometimes when they are sent out to project site via a packing slip.

I believe the problems are related to the many new funcations within the Projects module that we don’t completely understand.

Has anyone encountered similar issues?

hi linda

we were also facing the similar problem but cant get any solutiion.

anyone have solution then please send

Hi Linda,

It is difficult to provide a general answer to your problems. I cannot believe that the features that came into AX2009 are responsible for the problems you experience. I rather think that the setup changed somehow. Can you check how your items, inventory model groups and inventory posting profiles are setup? Check if there is any difference to AX3.

If this does not help, maybe attach some screenshots of the issues you face.

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Hi Linda,

I got to know in which areas you are facing problems but couldn’t understand what your exact problem. Explain your problem specifically without just outlining the issue which may help us to understand it better :slight_smile:

Problem with screen shots will be more helpful.

Santosh -

A line with reference “transaction” (yellow hightlighted) appear on the item transactions in the Inventory Management module when the vendor’s invoice is posted.

The ledger posting for this line is shown below. The effect of this posting is that instead of the $285 adding to the balance sheet inventory account (131000), the $285 debit is carried to the account defined in the posting profile for inventory profit/loss (502530). This is not correct. The item is still in our warehouse, but AX acts as if it has been consumed in a Profit/Loss journal.

We have been told this is caused by adding lines or modifying lines in a PO that has been created from the Project module. The only solution proposed is that we can never make any changes to a PO that is attached to a project.