AX 09 Projects -> Item Requirement -> creating SO1-PO1-SO2 intercompany relationship

These questions are for Dynamics AX 2009:
Question 1) I have a Project in AX 09 with item requirements in company 1 (CO1). This item has as default vendor set as another AX company (CO2). When I create the order (PO) from the item requirement is does not create automatically the intercompany purchase order in CO1 and the associated sales order in CO2 as it would from a SO.

If I create a SO1 in CO1 and hit function->create PO1 I get this relationship:

SO1->PO1->SO2 (where SO2 is the Sales Order in CO2)

I would like to see that same functionality done from Projects and I have not been able to figure out if it is just not possible in Standard Ax and what the correct way of doing this through Projects should be in standard functionality. Any ideas?

Question 2) Have you done anything similar to the above but instead of a simple SO being created on the CO2 an Item requirement being created within a new Project in CO2 to fulfill that requirement? If so, can you share how you have done that?

Thanks for the help in advance!

I have just heard that the problem I am having with question 1 above is fixed with AX 09 SP1

Hi All,

We are running AX 2009 SP1 and have the same issue. When I tried to create a purchase order from Project Item requirement, and set the vendor to an intercompany vedor, AX doesn’t create the intercompany sales order and the purchase order of the current company has the Type as “Journal”. The purchase order is also locked by the system so that we can’t do anything with it.

Anyonw has come across this issue, please help.

Many thanks