Avoiding Empty Postpage

if you use the property NewPagePerRecord, you get allways an empty page at last, but only if the dataitem which will provide the NewPage or a dataitem befor will show data. To avoid this behavement, you should allways design like this: DataItem1 >DataItem2 >>Integer Use NO Sections for DataItem1 and 2, Use NewPage for Dataitem2, Set a section for Integer only (number=1), and place the desired outputs in this section. it is one of the best, so let us make it the best at all

Hi As far as I remember, you only get the empty page if dataitem1 has a header. If you only have a body, there is no problem. Regards

Hi Rene, Activating “NewPagePerRecord” results in the Footer-section being printed on the last page. If you have one… In case you don’t have a Footer-section Navision prints an empty page. Here’s a little trick that can be used to avoid this: Step 1 Set the property “NewPagePerRecord” to No Step 2 Insert a new Global called “NotTheFirst”, type Boolean Step 3 Insert some code in the OnPreSection-trigger of the Body-section: IF NOT NotTheFirst THEN NotTheFirst := TRUE ELSE CurrReport.NEWPAGE; Hope this will help you! Kind regards, Hans Hans Fousert Schouw Informatisering The Netherlands

In fact the working on navision for that was that if it’s set new page per record Navision is creating a new page after printing the actual record, so when it’s on the last one, it’s creating also the page, but it’s not finding then more records to fill that page, so it goes empty. On records with single field key, you can easily avoid this by using the new page per group property and grouping by the main key field of the table. Regards Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)apertierra@teleline.es