Avg.Costing in Navision Ver 4.0 - facing problem

Hi All, I am facing problem in Average costing in Navision ver 4.0. For the first few entries the Avg. costing is not computed correctly. What could be the reason? I bought goods @ 0.32 USD and 0.55 LCY (we are having additional reporting currency) and when I sold the goods, the “Cost Amount” is picking wrongly. in some lines, cost amount is more than the selling price. What could be the reason for this? I have created new item and done the same set of steps in the same database, its working fine. What could have went wrong for the intiala entries. They are having Item category code, Product Group Code and extended text. No BOM in the setup. Please help me.

Did you run the Adjust Cost - Item Entries process?

Yes. more than once. any other possible ways? additional info. Even you manually go and delete the value in “value entry” and when you re-run the costing adjustment, again the same value pops up.

Hi, Did you post any purchase entries with wrong cost and corrected them later? If you correct wrong entries without applying them to the original entries, the Avg cost will not correct. Thanks, Trin