Available inventory is not the inventory available


I need to know for sure how many items on hand (physical inventory in the warehouse) are available for sale and immediate delivery. The available inventory does not seem to help me.

I made an example to explain the issue (see table):

in november (today) we have an inventory of 10.

in december I receive a shipment of 10 and I have to deliver 3 in December + 5 on january 1st, so the projected available balance is 8. However the available inventory is still below zero.

In january i will receive 20 pieces, that will for sure cover all gross requirements after january.

So actually of the inventory I have on hand now, I can sell everything since it is available. This means i am missing sales as the real available inventory is not the ‘available inventory’ statistic. It seems Navision does not take into account the shipments that will come in over the coming periods in its calculation.

Who can tell me how I know for sure what inventory is available for sale?

Period Name Gross Requirement Scheduled Receipt Projected Available Balance Inventory Expected Inventory Available Inventory
November 0 0 5 10 5 -11
December 3 10 12 10 12 -1
January 5 20 27 10 27 19
February 6 0 21 10 21 19
March 2 0 19 10 19 19
April 0 0 19 10 19 19



anyone that can help me ? or give me a lead where to look?



I have not got the software in front of me, but look at the hidden columns, there are physical quantities from memory, and also there are views that have parameters for the date so you can cut out the later values.