Available databases list incomplete

Hello, I’ve a very strange problem, and I hope you can help me with this. I have a environment on SQL 2005 with 2 databases and about 10 companies in each database. I have a couple of users with Windows Authentication and Database Authentication. Now, i have a couple of users that have a problem with switching databases. When they goto “File” → “Database” → “Open” they only see the database on which they are currently working, but the other one is gone. He can still connect to the other database by simple typing in the name. But then the same happens also the other way around. When he now goes to the list of available databases, he still only sees the database he is currently working on, and has to type in again the name of the database to goto that one. The user i’ve tested with has all rights (super), i’ve synchronised the rights, and even made him DBO on the databases, but still no succes. Now the really strange thing is that it doesn’t happen with all users. Some users don’t have this problem. Can anyone help me with this ? Thanks.

Hi Joeri,

Just a wild guess…
Has the user somehow put a filter on the form?
My Database = Yes

Hi, that was my first guess too, but no :confused: It’s something else…

Have you checked in SQL Server Managment Studio to make sure the user is mapped to the database?

Log into SQL Server. Go to Security - Logins - right click the user and choose properties. Under User Mappings, make surethere is a check in the box next to the database you want the user to have access to.

One way doing this is to have two (or more) shortcuts, each starting a specific database.

Start NAV like this:

C:\ProgramLocation\Navision\finsql.exe id=C:\ProgramLocation\Navision\SqlUsr.zup, NtAuthentication=0, servername=NameOfSqlServer, database=DatabaseNameInSql, Company=CompanyName

Another way, when in Navision, is to click File and then select a line (=recent company) at the buttom in the menu. But - here you’ll only get a list of max 5…