Availability of an FAQ Database Add-on for Dynamics

We have a great operational Dynamics system and now want to add a FAQ Database option but am unhappy with the built in offering.

Does anyone know if there is an add-on option that we could use?

Value your advice

Hi and welcome to forum,

What do you mean by built-in offering?
I suppose the possibility to edit / add Help file topics - and AFAIK it is the only way available for now. Another alternative as FAQ is not just the same as Help, could be coding something from scratch, but it seems to be an overkill, an expensive way of inventing a bicycle…

PS check this: http://dynamicsuser.net/forums/t/32592.aspx

We run a Help Desk and would like to assist user to help themselves by researching their problem via a searchable FAQ database before logging a call.

Appreciate your suggested link and hope the above helps to clarify the issue

Well, that changes things significantly… Modifying Help is not a job to be done continuously, every day and every hour & minute.

HelpDesks log questions anyway, as well as answers for further reuse, if needed, and for this purpose dedicated software should exist, with database and effective search tools - otherwise you can not effectively do your job. Have you looked for such software already?
Of. course, big players in this game design their own tools and don’t sell them to competition, even more, only R&D team knows HOW all that stuff is built to guarantee info finding in miliseconds…

Having only recently completed the roll out for the main part of the system and let it settle down we are only now in a position to start to extend its use to the Help Desk.

This is my first enquiry to see what is out there

We know what we want and it is not difficult but the Dynamics offering is poor and not updateable!

Surely someone else must have the same problem - there are loads of us using the Help Desk function and would value an FAQ Database

OOOps - only now I understood you’re speaking about what in Navision is called Troubleshooting for ServiceItems… [:$] Forget what I wrote about HelpEditor, it’s not applicable in your case.

That Troubleshooting of course is not enough to support full-blown HelpDesk - more like a “lookup” for rarely serviced Items or a “memo” for beginner operator, contents of which he already knows by heart in a week’s time.