Autoupdate of financial dimensions

Hi Everyone,

Have one question related to Financial dimensions, While i post some entries to General Ledger and then run Balance Sheet it shows updated result but when i run summery Trial balance report from General Ledger then it does’t show updated results.

For that we need to go to Setup–> Financial dimension set and Update it and then run the Trial balance report then it shows update results.

Is there anyway we can set it as auto updated whenever entry is posted to General Ledger ??


The one update was disabled in AX due to performance reason, you cans chedule the periodic job “Update balance”, to update figures.

Thanks Nuno Maia for your reply. one more help is can you tell me how to Schedule that periodic job in AX ?

Open General Ledger > Setup > Financial Dimensions > Financial Dimensions Sets

Press “Update Balance” and run it as a periodic job.

Thanks Nuno Maia.