Autopopulating fields on forms


i have a Table A with id and description fields and Table B with a description field. Any suggestion on how to do it on a form whenever I select an entry to Table A, it automatically populates the description on Table A to Table B.



If it depends on a selection in form, it’s nothing to be written to database, correct? It sounds like a job for a join or display method.

hi martin,

yes, I just need to display the value on the form whenever the user selects an id. I can only populate the values once I save it.



So what exactly do you need from us?

when the user selects an id, the description should be populated before saving.

In my scenario, it only populates when I saved it.

I need to populate the description field when the user selects an id before saving the form…

If you want to execute an action when activating a record in form, call it from active() method of the data source. If you want something else, you’ll have to be a bit more specific.

You can override modified method of the fieldControl Id of table A

public boolean modified()


boolean ret;

ret = super();

if (


Tableb.Description = TableA.Description


return ret;