Automation Server

What I have to do to get the automation server datatype and OCX datatype in code unit global variable declaration. (Navision ver 2.00) Please help.

I’m not 100% sure I understand what you’re trying to ask. Please be a bit more clear. Do you mean - how do you create a global variable in a codeunit, of datatype automation server or OCX?

I think you’re asking how to include an ocx for being able of using it when creating a variable at the type definition… isn’t it? If that’s your problem, you just need registering the ocx in Navision. For doing that, just click on Tools → Custom Controls->Control->Browse and then choose the ocx you’re wanting to register for use. Then you should be able of creating automation variables of the ocx type. If you’re just asking how to set the variable to use that automation type, just set the type to automation, and (as it were a record) choose the type of automation it will be pressing F6 on the Subtype field. That will show the Automation components registered on your machine. After that, you must choose the subtype from the automation component. – Alfonso Pertierra Spain

I want to be clearer my question little more. I am not able to create a variable as automation type or OCX type ,because these two items as not shown in the list box of datatypes in global variabel declaration section. The interesting part of the question is that some times I will get this type sometimes not Why?

Updating your OLE2 Version should solve the problem! Install the newest Service Pack (6) for WinNT 4 or make an Update of Win95 to OSR2.5 Hope it helps! Marco Marco Eymer * knk Systemlösungen GmbH Kiel MailTo: CallTo: 0049 431-579720

Make sure you have the appropriate license permissions. In you license file you need to have access to granule 1750 C/OCX in order to use this in new reports. Soren