Automation server

I have a few question.
What is the automation server??
If I print picking lists I get a fault wich is pointing to a automation server that is not installed correctly. The error is (I translated it from dutch to english)
This message is for C/AL programmers
There couldn’t be a working copy of the OLE-driver of the Automation server with identification GUID={} created (Could not create an instance of the OLE control or Automation Server Indentified by GUID={}.).
check if the OLE-driver or Automation Server is correctly installed. any idee how to solve the problem or what this automation server is?
thanks already…

I’m afraid you’re out of luck here… Automation servers (like Excel, Word etc.) are installed with and referenced by GUIDs, the bunch of hex numbers shown in the error message. If a certain Navision report wishes to use a certain Automation server (identified ONLY by its GUID inside Navision), and this GUID is not registered on your PC, then there is no way to tell which application was originally referenced. Your best bet would be to look into the offending report, maybe there’s some documentation about the missing application. You could also try and search for the GUID on Google, but I wouldn’t bet on this…

You can tell the automation server name by using regedit. Go to: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID{} The default entry shows you the object name, and when you go to: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID{}\InprocServer32 The default entry shows you the DLL or OCX path and file name. Make sure that it exists. If it doesn’t, then reinstall the application.

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Tanks for the answers but no luck so far… I searched on google for the number and ofcource no luck. I also searched through the registery. The number is not found. this is the number: {1F4016AF-1474-11D0-996E-444553540000} Any idee? Or how can I find the automation server I need through navision? How can I find out wich form uses wich automation server or OCX? Tank you. Roel.

The number can’t be in registry, because the server is not registerd.[:D] BUT: Take a look into the calling C/Side code, mostly the name of the variables say something, which can tell what automation server is missing.

I couldn’t find it either on my computer. However, if you have a computer that is working fine then look for the GUID in that computer.

I took a look on another pc and I found the GUID. It is ActiveEditorElement that is missing. It seems somthing Typicaly WinXP. becouse this error message is on all WinXP computers and one 98 PC. But I think it is another GUID missing on the 98 machine. (It is also another action to get the error). Now the form that has the error in winXP is written by our solution center a looong time ago so I hope it only support 98. Tank you for you help.

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Hi again, The windows 98 pc has indeed another GUID missing. It is missing the GUID to the BarcodeLabelBarcode. Anyone an idee where to find BarcodeLabelBarcode and ActiveEditorElement. I searched Google but no result. I’m also asking my solution center but I like more sources. Anyway tanks again for your help.

The first one is ActiveEditor.

You can download it from here:

The GUID matches the one you mentioned. I am not sure about the second one.