Automation Server

I have created an automation server in VB.NET that I consume in a Navision 3.60 database. The Automation server creates a window as part of its functionality that I would like to behave as an MDI child of fin.exe or at least have fin.exe the window owner an create the window modeless. I am able to get the window handle of the instance of fin.exe I call the automation server from by checking the running processes (ref by process.mainwindowhandle). I cannot find a way to get the parent Form type for the MDI Parent or the Iwin32Window type??? If I create my windows as a modal dialog (ShowDialog()) everything behaves well but my events are queued until the window closes due to its modal nature. If I try and create the window as modeless (Show()) fin.exe raises an error. Does anyone know how I can get these handles and/or pointers from Navision so I can use them in my Automation server. Has anyone created an MDI child window in the fin.exe container??