Automation sample with Access

Hello!!! I have a problem. Have anyone a sample Automations with Acces. I must taken the values from Access into Navision.

Sorry, I have no examples to share with you. Your post doesn’t clearly state if this needs to be done once or more than once. I assume it needs to be done more than once but if the opposite is true there are better solutions than automation.

This has been discussed many times in this forum, just make a search. Here is some part of code/ should work / may be better CREATE(OBJdbConnection); OBJdbConnection.Open(‘Myodbcconnection’,‘company’,’’); CREATE(RSGroups); RSGroups.Open(‘AccessTable’, OBJdbConnection); RSGroups.MoveFirst; IF NOT RSGroups.EOF THEN REPEAT MyNavTable.INIT; MyNavTable.“NavTableField 1” := RSGroups.Fields().Item(‘id’).Value; MyNavTable.“NavTableField 2” := 5; FieldLenght9 := RSGroups.Fields.Item(9).ActualSize; IF FieldLenght9 <>0 THEN MyNavTable.Name := FORMAT (RSGroups.Fields().Item(‘AccessField1’).Value); IF MyNavTable.INSERT THEN; RSGroups.MoveNext; UNTIL RSGroups.EOF; RSGroups.Close; OBJdbConnection.Close; CLEAR(OBJdbConnection); CLEAR(RSGroups);